Weekly Oracle Card Message for April 24th to May 1st

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. These cards are to given so you might gain clarity and receive some Divinely inspired guidance and future possibilities in this weeks journey.

I am in love with Colette Baron-Reids Wisdom of the Oracle Cards and will be using them for this weeks oracle card messages.

After pull the cards, I see we are still building on last weeks energy and flow. Milk and Honey continues in the same energy with opportunity, tastes of prosperity and abundance brought on by you being you, your authentic self. This is a time where you are really feeling more relaxed and awake to the unlimited possibilities in the universe. Part of the meaning of this card is ” you’ve landed into the world of milk and honey” enjoy what it brings to you as all your needs are being met.

To Be Fair…what a great card to speak to directly to keeping your balance. With every yin there is a yang, a zig to a zag so while life is offering challenges and experiences remember to accept without judgement and you will see the Universe adjust in perfect balance.  This a time where all dealing of  gain is mutually beneficial and all people or situations are deal with respect, value, kindness and good intentions. ” What you sow you will reap.”

Our final card is Flexible…when seeing and reading the card we all can interpret what this might mean to each of us. The message is be mindful and open with what may come our way. This is a time where being willing to learn new things and being adaptable without compromising what’s important.  Common sense is vital but so is an open mind, be aware and willing to bend a little; others will find it easier to be flexible with you too.

Overall, be yourself, be open and be flexible as this week has great opportunity awaiting!

Weekly Oracle Card Messages for April 17th to April 24th

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. These cards are to given so you might gain clarity and receive some Divinely inspired guidance and future possibilities in this weeks journey.

Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Here we go!

Poised comes up as the first card and it essentially means “ Be Ready, Be at your Best.”  You are confident in what you know, self assured that you are ready for anything with your knowledge and experience. People are going to respond to your confidence and trust you. This is a time for new phases in your life and a wonderful time for new beginnings.

Serendipity follows Poised and reaffirms “opportunity allied with readiness“.  Be aware of the sychronicities of luck and good fortune appearing. Your dreams, collective dreams are coming together. The timing is in perfect harmony for you to see all your efforts magically  aligning. Pay attention to the signs like being in the right place at the right time and meeting someone important to your journey, someone spirit wants to bring into your life.  Timing is perfect and a very lucky time.

Mending is the third and final card for this reading.The message that mending brings is just that, time to forgive, healing from arguments and making up. When we are hurt and hold onto the pain, memory, or resentment it can build and grow within keeping us burdened by its ties. Now is the time to mending rifts, healing wounds and letting go of old hurts that no longer serve you and take your power.  Make peace by forgiving and releasing to make room to feel the freedom you so rightly deserve.

When looking at these three cards, this weeks message is to arm yourself with good knowledge and your wisdom as opportunities are heading your way.  Watch for signs and sychronicities and people who come all your path as it is leading to your dreams and goals you have been working towards.  To allow all this to flow to you, remove barriers to lighten the load and forgive those and yourself now and all will really take hold.  Timing is perfect, trust in that!

Note: we are still in Mercury Retrograde, so choosing your words wisely is immensely important until May 3rd, 2017.

9 Most Common Signs of Communication from Spirit

9 Most Common Signs of Communication from Spirit

♥dreams ♥touch ♥animals

 ♥coins&feathers ♥flickering lights

♥scents ♥movement ♥sounds 

You certainly don’t need to be a Medium to experience signs from your loved ones. Our Spirit family and friends often attempt to get our attention with signs that they are close.  The most common time you may sense or see or hear Spirit trying to communicate is when you are alone. Perhaps just waking or in a full dream state; however, communication can be anywhere and anytime. They want to give us guidance and comfort, never intending to scare or frighten. My advice is to be open and acknowledge these signs from whom they are coming from. Most of us intuitively know who is there by one of the signs received. Accept the love and support that Spirit sends – they feel your love towards them, hear you talking to them, and love seeing you in your dreams.

♥ Dreams are the most common of way to be visited by those in Spirit.  The dream experience feels very real with clear messages or conversations, which offer the dreamer comfort that their loved one is well and close by.♥ Touch or feeling Spirits presence is also very common after your love one has passed. We are all made of energy and Spirits’ energy can be felt in a number of ways. Some have said they feel the touch on their shoulder; the air in the room may change to be cooler or warmer without a door being open, or sensing someone sitting next to you while watching television.  Sometimes, if you are thinking of someone who has passed, you may get goose bumps, which is a sign they have popped into say “Hi!”  When I was growing up, after feeling a cold shiver, we would say, “Someone just walked over my grave,” knowing someone who passed away was close and checking in.♥ Animals signs are extremely common and heart-warming when recognized and received. Butterflies are beautiful creatures and are signs that a loved one has transitioned and are near. You may see a bird hanging around the window or perhaps in front of your path unafraid of you, but staring you down. Other animals that can be signs are dragonflies, ladybugs, robins, blue jays, and in many cases, Spirit comes as an owl.

♥ Coins, Feathers, and small objects can come more frequently and repeatedly until you realize someone is trying to get your attention or validate they are near and wanting to communicate with you.  Again, Spirit likes to place things in our path to grab our attention.  Finding coins in the oddest places give question and curiosity of how did they arrived there. Acknowledge your passed loved one and send them love or chat with them, and let them know you see their messages.
♥ Flickering lights and electrical activity was one of my first experiences with Spirit and 80 percent of my clients experience this during their readings. Energy is too easy for Spirit to manipulate –flickering lights, the TV or radio going off or on, the phone ringing once or multiple times, or some have reported a device begins to make a noise. One experience I love to share is a family member received a text from me to call me, yet my phone was charging on ‘airplane mode’ at the time in question and I didn’t text him!♥ Scents can bring back the best memories and some passed loved ones come with a memorable smell, like Grandma’s apple pie and Dad’s pipe or brand of cigarettes.  We remember that perfume Mom wore and a wonderful aroma will fill the room when they are visiting you in Spirit.  The smell of a favourite food or fragrance of a special flower can associate with your loved one, and on occasion, it could be a funky odour too (they sometimes have a crazy sense of humour!).♥ Movement and displaced objects tend to really get your attention because on occasion, Spirit can move items with little effort. Remote controls go missing and reappear on a regular basis and you think you’re going crazy.  Perhaps the pictures on the wall are off centre or fall off the wall for no reason. An item of sentimental value goes missing and you find it in a place you know you checked before.. Let them know they have your attention and perhaps ask them to stop.♥ Sounds include hearing voices or music that relates to the loved one who has passed. Some Spirits try to communicate using their voice and so you may hear your name loud and clear but no one is around to call to you. Another sign a loved one is close is through music, such as a favourite or meaningful song playing over and over or at very significant times.
These signs could be a coincidence to some; however, in my life, experiences such as these are loved ones looking to connect and let you know they are near, sending love and always supporting you.

In love and light,


Weekly Oracle Card Messages for Apr 10th-Apr 17th

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. These cards are to given so you might gain clarity and receive some Divinely inspired guidance and future possibilities in this weeks journey.

With a number of decks in to choose from, my choice of deck this week is the  Healing with the Angels.  I should say guided this week and I am alway happy to read from this deck by Doreen Virtue.  Let’s get started!

As I was pulling these cards and asking the question, ” Angels what do we need to know for this week coming?” The first card “BLESSINGS” jumped up and out! The Angels are letting us know that there are extra blessings around us right now. If you are experiencing challenges recently or have asked for extra help from them and the Universe know you are surrounded by more Divine love and light. Your Angels are always with you, know they are hanging around waiting for you to be of service, so Ask them for signs, guidance, and help. Be sure to accept when it comes, it always does.

The next card of “DIVINE GUIDANCE” reminds us to trust our intuition and that we are souls gifted with a human experience through which Divine power can express itself.  Extra blessings are coming from Spirit, Source, Higher Power, God, Angels, the Universe or any other name you may have that is sacred to you. We are being strongly guided to pay attention to those gut feelings, that sense of knowing and our inner voice. At this time, we need to be conscious of our connection to Spirit and grow it through prayer and meditation. Ask for Divine for guidance then trust there is a plan and protection. The synchronicities and intuitive push you feel will help you see which way you are being pointed, giving you confidence to move forward in the right direction. Be humble and thank Spirit for their guidance once received.

Embrace“NEW BEGINNINGS” that are coming into your life, new ideas, fresh opportunities that present themselves, people, birth and growth. There is change ahead and for some it may be a bit uncomfortable and uneasy letting go of the familiar and trying something new and unknown.  The Angels ask you to be open to new ways to learning, to look at any situation you are being faced with and allow yourself to be stretched in a new direction. We learn more about ourselves through these new experiences.

Overall the messages from the Angels are wonderful blessing of guidance, trusting intuition and strengthening our  connections with Spirit. In this week, we will see new ideas and beginnings entering our life so embrace and be inspired by what is coming, it’s okay that you may not know something. Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm, passion and optimism! Learning takes time, be patient a new way of life takes time, really it has its own timetable.  Life is good and loves you!!

Just a quick note; with Mercury Retrograde in full swing just be mindful of your words, hold them back if you find yourself in an argumentative state of mind.  Check out my blog on Mercury Retrograde posted last week.

In love & light,
Mercury Retrograde-What does this mean?

Mercury Retrograde-What does this mean?

Many of my clients hear we are in Mercury Retrograde, but what does this mean?  Let me try to explain it the best way I understand it.

In Astrology, the way the planets align in our Universe at different times of the year can influence us differently. When Mercury is in retrograde, our emotions run higher and perceived “bad” things happen – things just go awry.  Somehow, the planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion, and this illusion is called retrograde motion.  Mercury appears to go backwards about four times a year for several days and sometimes for weeks! During this time, people experience feelings of being in a fog or off kilter, their anxiety and frustrations are up, and they are angrier, which makes communicating more difficult.  If you are an empath, you may find yourself blocked where you usually feel highly sensitive and intuitive.

You may have felt the shift over the years, but could not put a name to it until now – Mercury Retrograde.  Experience has taught me to be aware of these times and recognize you have to plan ahead, be prepared, and be flexible.  To name a few, Mercury rules communications, clear thinking, travel, vehicles, contracts/budgets, and electronics. So, when the retrograde occurs, take extra time to travel, avoid signing contracts and making final decisions, or buying a major purchase.  Small appliances and vehicles tend to glitch or breakdown, or technical difficulties happen with your electronic equipment, computer, or website.  You cannot stop living your life, so just remember that what you thought would happen in any situation during Mercury Retrograde could look different later on.  If you are hiring new personal, you will have difficultly choosing the right person for the job – if you can, hold off hiring.  If you are buying a new car, problems could creep up later that were completely unanticipated.  Double check any flights or transportation schedules, and take a book with you to keep occupied. Back up your data on your systems!  It is said to definitely not start a new relationship, new job, or long term projects.

During 2017, Mercury goes retrograde four times and if your sign is noted, you may feel this even more than other times:

December 19th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017 in the sign of Capricorn to the sign Sagittarius

April 9th to May 3rd in the sign of Taurus to the sign of Aries

August 12th to September 5th in the sign of Virgo to the sign of Leo

December 3rd to December 22 in the sign of Sagittarius

Ways to make the most of Mercury Retrograde:

  • One of the best ways to get through is “go with the flow” and be sure to not take things to personally. Things can be said that are really not intended.
  • Get together with old friends and have fun during this time – reminisce.
  • Go down memory lane and re-listen to old music.
  • Clean out your closets (this is a life changer every time I do).
  • Relax and take care of yourself.  Get the old checklist out:
    • Getting enough sleep – a solid 8 hours
    • Drinking lots of water
    • Light exercise and stretching
    • Epsom salt bath
    • Read – turn the tv off earlier
    • Research how rejuvenate your sacred space
    • Rewrite personal goals and rework you mantra

This is a good time to reflect on areas of life and what we need to work on a little more. It is a time to finish projects that have been at loose ends and file things away forever so we can move forward with clear eyes and minds. This time might reveal breakthroughs intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually with new perspectives created. I had read that Mercury Retrograde “is a perfect to take part in anything that starts with re- except “react!”  So it is time to refresh, revive, review, reboot, rebound, recall, reconcile, recover, reflect, recycle, re-elect, research, refinish, refocus…you get the idea!

Stay aware of the four 2017 Mercury Retrograde cycles as it will pay you dividends to take an extra few moments for a second and third look before you move forward!

In love and light,


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