Angel Cards for the Week #1

Freya,Ascended Masters,ArchAngel Uriel

The message today is for the week, Wednesday to Wednesday.

It is very clear that it is a safe time to go out have fun and be adventurous by trying new things and meeting new people or friends you would like to reconnect with.  You have been working on forgiveness and healing so time to step out  enjoy this week, your Angels and the Ascended Masters have your back,lol, how amazing is that! See the the world with clear eyes and an open-heart and let the light in…have an ADVENTUROUS WEEK!

In love and light,

Angie ❤️

Summer Time Schedule

Summer Time Schedule

Happy Summer Everyone!

I am so happy to have summer and with summer comes lots of activities for everyone!

Our summer is full of weddings, workshops, travel and family along with Angel Card and Spiritual Readings.

As the Angels have guided us to Simplify, for the summer, the Daily Angel Card will become a  3-card reading for the week.

My question to you;  which day would you like to see this on

Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday’s ?

Please pop me a quick reply or email of your preferred day and the most request day will start next week!

I am very excited and will share shortly  on my website additional services and specials to my practice.  Please stay tuned!

With love and gratitude,





Angel Card of the Day #58


Today our message from the Angels is Simplicity…we all can think of ways to simplify the day or life by removing one or two things or steps. Put your energy into what’s going to get you through and let go of the excess. You will feel better as soon as you release what that is for you.

In love and light,


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