Angel Card of the Day #35


Good Morning!

When Chantall turn up for today all I could hear was “love is in the air…”  New love is on the way, so now is a good time to open the door to your heart with open arms, be candid with your feelings and have fun! For those of in a relationship be openly loving with your partner to keep or ignite the romance.  This little Angel is happily guiding you and encourages you strongly to get involved, it may not relate directly to romance however  the  more involved you become the faster she can help deliver that romance to you! ❤️

Sending out the love ❤️

Angel Card of the Day #34

Athena safe to be powerful

Today is an afternoon coffee break message with Athena!

Athena acknowledges your fear of using your own power, worried how it might be perceived by others or the abuse of power creating a world of inbalance.  Here it is, the secret : your power comes from love and when you act in kindness and love you will feel your balance and power.  Step into your strength and courage and take action where can you reveal your power to yourself and others, it will enhance your relationships, heighten your awareness, self-esteem and life purpose.  Ask Athena for her support and get busy!

Happy Monday everyone!


Angel Card of the Day #33

Peace Eireen

Good Morning!

For some of us this is the end of the week and Eireen come with a relax message. She is letting us know to take pause and breathe giving your worries to the Heavens or Universe.  Put your energy into enjoying  and appreciating all your blessings.  Do something peaceful for yourself – meditate, take a  nature walk, massage, or that one thing that takes you cares away. Do what will make you feel best.

Enjoy today,

Angie ❤️

Angel Card of the Day #32

Goddess of Purification

Good Morning!  Loving this card as we intuitively know when it’s time to clear the body and mind yet many need that small reminder.  You maybe feeling sluggish or your body giving you other signals that it’s not to happy.

Today or this week is a good time to start with a cleanse, it can be taking one thing out of your diet or a few to let your body find some balance. Consider a small detox or fast, or avoiding the sugar, flour and reduce  or eliminate the alcohol during the cleanse.

This might mean for some to adopt different clean diet  like vegetarian or vegan.  So follow your intuition, let your body tell you how good it feels by making a small change!

I hope you enjoy Conventia’s message as much as I have, so off to get my probiotics!!




Angel Card of the Day #31

Leap of Faith

Good Morning!

Today the card is chosen from the Goddess deck.

Aine is a beauty and gives us the message to “to take a leap of faith”. For each of us that can mean something different- but she’s saying to try and trust! Without trying or making a decision can be worse then making the wrong decision! So get going, start doing and the universe will support you and your dreams.  Trust that your  intention is clear and right for you, then don’t delay jump into action!!!

I know we have heard a message like this before however we need to hear it again, myself included!


Angie ❤️


Angel Card of the Morning #30

Angel Card of the Morning #30

Green Tara, Hathor

Good Morning!

Two cards, so let’s hear what is instore for us today… It is very important to listen these two cards as the message  of receiving gifts  today is supported by the asking for help.  Sometimes we find it extremely hard to receive the smallest gifts, receive these gifts of thanks, hugs, the beauty of the world around us or a simple compliment with grace and gratitude. Your energy will shift and flow as easily as your energy for giving.  With Green Tara, she tells that you can’t do it all all the time and yes sometimes it would seem easier but try asking for help there is no need to be a superhero! Ask or accept assistance and the rest will come together.  These two cards show that team work will make things fall into place~ ask and receive!

Have a wonderful day,

Angie ❤️

Angel Card of the Morning #29


Pulling the week-end card and Angel Bridgette popped out! Love the jump out cards as the message needs to be heard.  Our message for the weekend encourages us to be cautious, there may be a situation that just does feel 100% right. Get more information or in some cases walk away…there will be something better around the corner.  You might feel disappointed however stay strong and do not  settle.

Ask for guidance and it is given.

Enjoy the week-end!






Angel Card of the Morning #28

Prosperity coming

Good Morning!

Guardian Angel Rochelle supports our prayers for financial abundance and heal any misconceptions.  We see money as a symbol of abundance yet we may attach negativity causing blocks that don’t allow us to receive.  Part of creating the flow of abundance is to believe it is for all of us and it is tool of exchange ,let go of the feelings of guilt and negativity that you have associated it with.  Raise your vibration and attitude towards how and what you would like to receive then let it go.   Pulling this card lets us know prosperity is on its way!

Keep positive!



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